Hannah Elisabeth Jones is a multidisciplinary artist-designer specialising in biomaterials and organic colour. Hannah has an innovative approach to textiles, blending an interest in natural materials with an ethical commitment to developing an ecologically sensitive practice and a strong visual aesthetic. Hannah’s work process is underpinned by an engagement with research across the arts, humanities and sciences.

Hannah was awarded the Burberry Design Scholarship to study MA Textiles at the Royal College of Art (2018-2020). She graduated with her final project ‘Lliw Lleol’ (Local Colour): a comprehensive natural dye database, investigating colours obtained from locally foraged common plants and weeds. The database tracks the seasonal changes throughout each month and maps the connection to specific geographies in Hannah’s home of North Wales.

Previously, Hannah graduated from the ‘Textiles in Practice’ course at Manchester School of Art in 2017, where she invented a patent pending material, BioMarble. BioMarble has a unique and intriguing surface pattern, but most importantly it’s main ingredient is waste paper. Geometric units with a variation in colours are stitched together in an ombré formation, using traditional patchwork techniques to form 3-Dimensional tessellations.

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