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This Is No Longer Speculative – an exhibition of 24 bio and by-product based materials – brought to life at Material Source Studios.


Emily Bagshaw for Material Source

14th March 2024

24 Bio and By-Product Based Materials For 2024


Material Source

26th December 2023

Can Textile Craft Help Restore Planetary Health?


Professor Carole Collet, The Vessel

Top 23 biomaterial designers to watch in 2023.


Emily Bagshaw for Material Source

18th November 2022

Art student invents new material using scrap paper

Art Student Invents New Material Using Scrap Paper


Manchester Metropolitan University News

8th August 2017

biomaterial designers ones to watch 2020

Biomaterial Designers: Ones to Watch‚ 2020


Laura Connelly for Material Source

10th April 2020

Bruntwood Supports MSA Student Creation


Bruntwood News

3rd July 2017

I Never Thought I Would Invent a New Material


Manchester School of Art News

7th June 2017

Material Lab Loves at New Designers


Jim Biddulph for Material Lab Journal

6th July 2017

Beyond Paper: the Craft of Material Making


Purva Chawla for Material Driven

8th May 2019

One to Watch: Hannah Elisabeth Jones


Marianne Shillingford for Colour in Design Award

2nd March 2018

Surface and Materials Show 2017: Hub Innovators Revealed


Jim Biddulph for Material Lab Journal

2nd October 2017

Surface Spotlight Live 2020 – Close to Home


Sally Angharad Booth for the Surface Design Show

1st September 2020

Turning the Page on Paper


Jim Biddulph for Design Insider Live

1st March 2018